Ultra Mobile Notebooks

The Asus Eee PC 1000H is one of the most usable sub notebooks available

Asus Eee 1000 white

  • Big widescreen display.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Up to 7 hours battery life.
  • Spacious comfortable keyboard.
  • Wireless Internet access anywhere.

An affordable ultra mobile notebook

The Asus Eee PC 1000 is the big brother of the 901. The larger 10.2" screen makes reading text less of a strain. It has a keyboard that is 95% the size of a regular notebook’s keyboard, which means it’s much more comfortable to use, especially if you have bigger fingers.

This highly usable mini notebook is available in glossy Fine Ebony or Pearl White. You have a choice of either Windows XP® or Linux operating system, and a spacious 80GB HDD or a shockproof 40GB SSD.

A sub notebook you’ll want to take everywhere

The Eee 1000 is a compact and lightweight mini notebook that is both usable and portable. Even with its bigger chassis, it’s still small enough to easily slip into your backpack or briefcase.

Asus has designed the perfect notebook for people on the move.

Designed for ease of use

The Linux operating system is easy to use and is an ideal laptop for computer novices and students. It comes preloaded with dozens of free software applications accessible through an easy-to-use tab- and icon-based interface.

The XP Home version will suit you if you’re an experienced Windows operating system user.

A great widescreen display for watching movies

Asus Eee 1000 white open

The 10.2" widescreen LCD shares the same 1024 x 600 resolution as the 901, but the additional 1.3" makes it more comfortable to use. All common tasks, like word processing, editing photos, browsing the Web etc, are a breeze. The stereo speakers also make watching films a joy.

The screen has a matte, non-reflective finish, so this is an ideal notebook for outdoor use.

Generous storage for your important files

The Eee 1000 uses shockproof Solid State Drive (SSD) to withstand everyday bumps and knocks and ensure your files remain safe.

The 40GB SSD is supplement with 20GB of free online storage, with 5GB worth of downloads per day. If you need more storage, you can easily add a Secure Digital (SD) card.

If you need more storage space, the 1000H has an 80GB HDD. That’s plenty of room to store your documents, photos, music and movies.

Amazing battery life

Thanks to Intel’s new Atom mobile 1.6GHz processor and Super Hybrid Engine technology you can get between 7 and 8 hours battery life under normal use, so you can go a full work day between charges.

High speed Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to keep you connected

Asus Eee 1000 side white

The Eee PC 1000 and 1000H come equipped with Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n wireless networking. The super fast access means you can watch streaming video or chat via Skype with the built-in webcam.

Bluetooth is included, so you can transfer files between your mobile phone and other devices wirelessly.

With the multi-touch trackpad you get more control

The multi-touch trackpad enables you to zoom or rotate images and documents using finger gestures. You can also scroll documents horizontally and vertically by dragging two fingers across the trackpad.

Key features

  • 7 to 8 hours battery life to go a work day between charges.
  • Shockproof solid state drive to protect your files.
  • Watch films & videos on the 10.2" widescreen LCD display.
  • Small and light enough to carry with you everywhere.
  • Surf the Web with high-speed Wi-Fi.

Asus Eee PC 1000 and 1000H specification
Operating System Genuine Windows XP® Home or GNU Linux
Display 10.2" 1024 x 600
Intel CPU & Chipset Intel Atom 1.6GHz
Wireless Data Network WLAN 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth
Memory 1GB (DDR2)
Storage 40GB SSD or 80GB HDD
Webcam 1.3M Pixel
Audio Dolby Sound Room Certified
Stereo speakers
Digital Array Mic
Battery 6 Cells, 7 to 8 hours*
Weight 1000 1.33 kg (2.9 lbs), 1000H 1.45 kg (3.2 lbs)
Colours Pearl White, Fine Ebony

* Actual battery life is subject to normal usage, configuration, and model type.